General course on Application of GIS, RS and DM on Forest Fires Risk Modelling, 22 November 2016

General course on “Application of GIS, Remote Sensing and Data Mining on Forest Fires Risk Modelling” was held at Auditorium FMIPA, IPB Dramaga, 22 November 2016. The course was delivered by Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nengah Surati Jaya, M.Agr. from Faculty of Forestry, IPB and myself shared about our works on applying data mining to analyze forest fires datasets. Participants are IPB students from Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Economics and Management, and others. In addition, some alumni of Magister of Computer Science also attended the course.

For those who are interested on the topics and the material, feel free to contact me at

Kuliah Umum 22 Nov 2016-small

Kuliah Umum 22 Nov 2016


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