The Five Hottest IT Jobs Over the Next Five Years

The February 8, 2013 edition of ACM TechNews:

The Five Hottest IT Jobs Over the Next Five Years (02/05/13) Brittany Ballenstedt

The five hottest technology jobs over the next five years will be project integrator, dual security developer, cloud administrator, virtual connection engineer, and natural language speech scientist, according to a report. The predictions are based on four key information technology trends: The cloud, mobility, smart computing, and bring your own devices. “Nowadays, technology trends are driving changes in business,” the report notes. “And that switch is going to impact what employers expect from you and the kinds of skills you’ll need to develop over the next few years.” Employers will look for project integrators to select cloud services to get projects out the door, and for dual security developers to create software security features and strategies for protecting physical resources such as data centers. Employers also will look to cloud administrators to integrate cloud services into a framework that works for the organization, and to virtual connection engineers to integrate URLs for social media, mobile information, cloud data, and other services into a single, cohesive stream. Meanwhile, natural language speech scientists will design and develop voice-navigated systems such as Apple’s Siri to keep up with user expectations.

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