Event calendar: GIS, Remote Sensing and related fields 2011

28-29 June International Symposium on Environmental Protection and Planning: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) Applications (ISEPP)
Gediz University, Izmir, Turkey
Url: www.cevkorconferences.com

27 June-08 July Summer School on “Spatial Data Infrastructure for environmental datasets”
Salzburg, Austria
E-mail: Envisdi2011@edu-zgis.net
Url: www.edu-zgis.net/ss/envisdi2011

03-04 August Advances in Geomatics Research Conference
Kampala, Uganda
E-mail: agrc2011@tech.mak.ac.ug

05-09 September IAMG 2011 – Mathematical Geosciences at the Crossroads of Theory and Practice
Salzburg, Austria
Url: www.iamg2011.at

27-29 September International Symposium and Exhibition on Geoinformation 2011 (ISG2011) & ISPRS Commission II/5 and II/7
Shah Alam, Malaysia
E-mail: papers2011@isg.org.my
Url: www.isg.org.my/2011.html

20-21 October 8th International Workshop of the EARSeL Special Interest Group (SIG) on Forest Fires
Stresa, Italy
Url: http://forest.jrc.ec.europa.eu/earsel

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