Social Networks for Engineers

The June 8, 2011 edition of ACM TechNews:

Social Networks for Engineers
IEEE Spectrum (06/06/11) Sue Karlin

CodePlex is one of several new social networking sites that enable engineers and computer scientists to share projects and ideas. Microsoft Health Solutions Group software engineer Uri Kartoun used the site to work with Northwestern University professors, Datascope Analytics founders, and Microsoft Research staff. “I don’t think I would have gotten the same input from these people without a networking site, because I can show what I’ve done, and they can read other comments before making suggestions or contacting me,” Kartoun says. Other sites that are geared toward engineers, computer scientists, and scientific researchers include CR4, Element 14, Mendeley, MyNetResearch, ResearchCrossroads, ResearchGate, and LabRoots, all of which target specific fields by offering different applications. “We’ve tried to make it one-stop shopping within specific science portals, so that you never have to leave the site,” says LabRoots CEO Greg Kruikshank.

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