Data Miners Dig for Corrosion Resistance

The April 22, 2011 edition of ACM TechNews:

Data Miners Dig for Corrosion Resistance
Penn State Live (04/19/11) Andrea Messer

Pennsylvania State University researchers developed a data-mining tool that helped them gain a better understanding of corrosion resistance and could be used in other areas where massive amounts of information exist. “Every area of study has terabytes of information that could be used better by using data-mining techniques to extract valuable information from data,” says Penn State’s Kamrun Nahar. The researchers used data mining to find the most relevant information about the corrosion-resistant properties of Alloy 22, a candidate for nuclear waste containers. The alloy data came for other studies of Alloy 22. The researchers used statistical techniques to put the data into a unified format, and then fed the data into an artificial neural network they designed for the project. The work reinforces the notion that data mining can be used for science and not just for marketing or business purposes.

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