New Countries Emerge as Major Players in Science

The April 4, 2011 edition of ACM TechNews:

New Countries Emerge as Major Players in Science
Science Business (03/29/11)

The traditional scientific superpowers of the United States, Western Europe, and Japan are being challenged by newcomer nations led by China, according to a report from Britain’s Royal Society. The study found that China’s portion of the total volume of globally published scientific articles is now only outsized by that of the United States, while the percentage of articles published in international journals involving international collaboration has risen from 25 percent to more than 35 percent over the last 15 years. The U.S. share of global authorship has declined from 26 percent to 21 percent, while the Chinese share has climbed from 4.4 percent to 10.2 percent. “Beyond the emergence of China, we see the rise of South-East Asian, Middle Eastern, North African, and other nations,” says Chris Llewellyn Smith, chairman of the advisory group for the study. “The increase in scientific research and collaboration, which can help us to find solutions to the global challenges we now face, is very welcome.” The study pointed to the increasing globalization of science, with research carried out in more and more places and to a greater degree than previous. Besides China, Brazil, and India’s rapid rise, the report identified other rapidly emerging scientific countries, including Turkey, Iran, Tunisia, Singapore, and Qatar.

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