11 Hot IT Skills for 2011

After months of staff cuts, many U.S. companies are planning to hire IT employees with highly valued skills. Computerworld, http://www.computerworld.com/, conducted a survey to uncover the skills which IT employees capable to do it. Below are the results (11 Hot Skills for 2011):

  1. Programming and Application Development.  About 47% of the survey respondents who said they plan to hire IT professionals in the next year will be looking for people with programming or application development skills.
  2. Project Management.  People with project management skills will be sought by 43% ofComputerworld’s survey respondents who plan to make new hires.
  3. Help Desk/Technical Support. Help desk and technical support skills will be high-priority in 2011 for 42% of survey-takers who are hiring.
  4. Networking. The skills are in demand among 38% of Computerworld survey respondents who said they’re hiring.
  5. Security. Valuable security skills include expertise in identity and access management, threat and vulnerability assessment, encryption, data loss prevention, incident analysis, governance, compliance and auditing, biometrics, Web content filtering, safeguards for voice-over-IP systems and e-discovery support for litigation.
  6. Data Center. Of the Computerworld survey respondents who will be hiring in the next year, some 21% said that data center skills, including storage experience, will be in top demand.
  7. Web 2.0. IT workers with next-generation Web skills will also be sought-after in 2011, according to 17% ofComputerworld’s respondents who plan to add new staffers in the next year.
  8. Telecommunications. Some 16% of Computerworld’s survey-takers who plan to hire will be looking for telecommunications skills into 2011. They are people who can design an infrastructure and integrate various communications tools, including instant messaging, IP phones and remote access.
  9. Business Intelligence. As data proliferates and IT departments look for ways to contribute to the company’s profitability, business intelligence skills will be highly sought-after in 2011, according to 13% of survey respondents.
  10. Collaboration Architecture. The skill includes understanding how things like portals, Web and audio can integrate, and what does that need to look like to be able to have better collaboration across the company.
  11. Business Acumen and Communication Skills. You won’t find this in any IT job titles, but most companies in 2011 will seek IT employees who understand the business and can communicate technical concepts to business units and customers.

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