Robot Teachers

“Hi students…my name is Saya, I am your new teacher”.  I think this greeting is delivered by the robot, ‘Saya’ when she (or it) comes to her (or its) first lecture.  Saya is a robot teacher and was tested in a real Tokyo classroom in 2009 after working as a receptionist in 2004.  She (or it) can organize set tasks for pupils, call the roll and get angry when the kids misbehave.  More about Saya:,2933,508184,00.html
Another robot teacher is Rubi teaching Finnish to a 3-year-old boy a preschool on the campus of the University of California, San Diego.  More about Rubi:
Newly teacher robots have been developed by Researchers at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (ACM TechNews, Monday, November 1, 2010).  They deliver English instruction to school children.  I saw a short video displaying two robots that teach two students,  The robots give responses to students after they pronounce English sentences.  They (robots) can recognize speech, blink their eyes, give gesture, display facial expressions and also praise the student who can well pronounce English sentences.
The use of robot teachers in developed countries such as Japan and Korea will reduce cost for attending human experts (teachers) for certain subjects, e.g.English.  How about in developing countries? Constructing intelligent robots involve many researchers in area of artificial intelligent. In addition the project should be supported by hardware and software that can be worth millions dollars.  This is a very high investment.

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