China launches own version of Google Earth

Some days back my friend from Beijing told me that he and his team are developing an application similar to Google Earth for the country’s purposes. Map World is another application providing features as in Google Earth.  As reported in the October 25, 2010 edition of ACM TechNews, China has launched Map World as a free, government-backed online mapping service that allows users to search for two- and three-dimensional images across the globe.  According to Jiang Jie, an official at the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, the Map World is still “at a preliminary stage” in terms of its technology and Web site construction, its geological data will likely be updated twice a year (ACM TechNews, October  25, 2010).

I briefly accessed the site and got the interface displaying world map and then I opened Google Map.  They are alike expect that in World Map everything is in Chinese.

For you especially Chinese who interested, here are the links:

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