Visit Data Science Institute, Lancaster University 23 August 2018

As a part of my agenda in visiting UK in August 2018, I, my colleague Pa Hari Agung and Dr Lailan Syaufina spent a day on 23 August 2018 to explore Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University.  We had a campus tour exploring the facilities in Lancaster University including library, faculties and public area in the campus. During this visit, we had a meeting with Dr Amber Leeson, Senior Lecturer in Applied Data Science, Data Science Institute (DSI), Lancaster University.  The purpose of this meeting is to look for the experts on Data Science from DSI Lancaster as lecturers in the next summer course, especially who are working on the application to environmental issues.  Dr Amber stated that research area in DSI at Lancaster University is more on mathematics, statistics, and machine learning. Wide application of data science area include decision making, health (study of patient data), environment , and society. She also shared that foundation of data science are statistical model, geospatial statistics and agent-based model.
Link of DSI: